One of our ongoing and collaborative activities has been in producing and performing voice and language-based artworks in various contexts or arrangements. During the lockdown we carried out a series of online vocal and performative sessions. These turned out to be surprisingly effective and inspiring, as we used social media such as Jitsi and Skype in new and unorthodox ways via our vocal and language-based experiments.
We are now calling for new collaborators to join us in regular online weekly sound poetry and voice practices.
No previous experience is required other than being prepared to use your voice and language(s) in new and exploratory ways. We aim to create a virtual chorus where participants write and arrange their own songs for collaborative performing. This will draw from and ‘give voice’ to the diverse linguistic and poetic/artistic experiences and backgrounds of all those participating.
After an introductory session those who wish to continue will meet on a regular Friday basis to develop material for future online public performances.
“A voice means this: there is a living person, throat, chest, feelings, who sends into the air
this voice, different from all other voices.”
-Italo Calvino (A King Listens)

Introduction session: 06 November 11.00-13.00
and EVERY FRIDAY at 11.00

If you wish to join:
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