How to Build Up a Collective in COVID times


Friday 26 February at 20.00, on ZOOM

At the beginning of 2020, the Post Collective (POCO), a group of refugees, asylum seekers, sans papiers and accomplices, took the brave step, together with Kunsthal Gent’s support within their residency program, to speculate on how they might work together in a co-creative, commoning way. And this acknowledging the fact that they have different legal and social statuses/ rights, creative practices, cultures, languages, ages, genders, needs, privileges, accesses, and exclusions within society.
In March 2020, the covid pandemic hit society hard, and specifically, it hit the intersections on which POCO were standing. Many opportunities were taken away and with this the possibility to work together in the same space. They adapted their approaches and invented new ways of staying united and engaged while being physically distanced.
In this 1.5h presentation, POCO will share with the audience their experiences in art making, organizing, communicating,  experimenting with online meeting platforms, standing together in solidarity through loneliness, fear, instability, health and sickness, legal processes, and the ever pressing bills for the supermarket and housing.
Through our polyphonic and trans-lingual narratives, using a hybrid of different media (illustration, storytelling, sound poetry, video, photography, music) we want to create an environment within this presentation that welcomes discussion with the audience on the importance of initiating forms of collectivity locally and globally in covid times.

the project is part of the development residency of the post collective: collaborative speculations and is supported by: Arts in society award, Kunsthal Gent, Staad Gent, RefuInterim

On Recreation (working title)

The film project On Recreation (working title) by The Post Film Collective is based upon an exploration of polyphonic authorship. The project takes its cue from the poem ‘Recreation’ (1973) by Audre Lorde. In her poem, Lorde explores a double binding of interrelating activities – ‘it is easier to work / after our bodies/meet’ – that led to what she claimed was ‘recreation’, with its connotations of play, reciprocity, care, repetition, and regeneration. The film process is available for the continuous re-composition of both conditions and artistic forms. The gathering of various languages, expressions, and rhythms prevents film production from nesting neatly.

The film is currently in its development phase (fall 2020, spring 2021).
With and by Mirra Markhaëva, Elli Vassalou, Marcus Bergner, Sawsan Maher, Hooman Jalidi, Mohammed Tawfiq, Mahammed Alimu, and Robin Vanbesien;
produced by timely; co-produced by Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent;
supported by Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Kunsthal Ghent, Netwerk Aalst, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts, Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.