#FAN IN 2050

The future of KAA GENT fan/supporter identity?

What will it mean to be a football fan in …
Football is critically acclaimed as one of the last bastions of white male mass culture. It is in urgent need to be re-calibrated for the 21st century, a future that can make diversities out of differences, participation out of privileges and think intersections beyond just sporadic inclusions. In the context of this massive fan-centered sport, let’s think about:
What is the future identity of a football fan?
What can we project towards 2050/2040/2030/2020?

“FAN in 2050” is the poster made in collaboration with CC Sport and TimeLab for football club KAA Gent by Mirra Markhaëva and Kelechi Johnbosco. It is a represantation of how we want to see the football fanbase in future as well as an attempt to bring the reflection about club’s mascot and cultural expropriation.

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